Privacy Policy

[Last Updated Dec. 20th, 2013]

Tap Semiotic LLC (sometimes just ‘we’ or ‘us’ below), creator of the Bard-O-Matic app (‘the app’, ‘the software’), values your privacy and has taken steps to minimize the amount of data we collect from users of our software. This privacy policy explains, in question and answer format, what information we do collect, why we gather it, and what we do with it.

What personal information do you collect from Bard-O-Matic users?

None. Bard-O-Matic was designed as a standalone app. It neither requests nor collects nor stores nor transmits any personal information about you. Furthermore, your settings and any text you enter into Bard-O-Matic are stored entirely on your device and are not visible to us or anyone else unless you choose to share them (e.g., using one of the sharing services provided on the activity sheet). Images and videos created using Bard-O-Matic do not contain any individual identifiers (watermarks, tracking code, etc) nor does the application itself do any form of user tracking or analytics. All the sharing services employed by Bard-O-Matic are managed by your device and not in any way visible to us. Apart from a simple usage counter (i.e., number of insults generated), we do not collect data on or track your use of the app.

What technical information do you collect about Bard-O-Matic users?

As is the case with all software distributed through the App Store, Apple collects certain details about your iTunes account and device when you purchase Bard-O-Matic. This information is only ever shared with us in the form sales reports and does not identify individual users. We use this data for tracking regional sales and planning marketing.

Apple may also gather and send us diagnostic reports if there are problems with our app on your device. These reports do not identify you personally but can include information regarding your device, other apps, and details about the system environment. We use this data exclusively for improving our software.

Why Does Bard-O-Matic want access to my device’s camera roll and/or photo library?

Images and videos created and shared using Bard-O-Matic are stored on your device’s camera roll. As a result, the first time you select the “Save Image” or “Save Video” option, Bard-O-Matic will request access permission in order to complete the save process. Similarly, the first time you use the built-in image picker to import an picture, Bard-O-Matic may request permission to access your photo library.

Why Does Bard-O-Matic want access to my device’s microphone?

When saving video clips on devices that support speech synthesis (iOS 7), Bard-O-Matic makes use of the built-in microphone to record the chosen insult in the user-selected accent and speech rate. When you select the “Save Video” option, the last insult is replayed and the microphone activated for a short time (approx. 4 seconds) to capture device speech.  Be aware that during this time the microphone on your device may also record any other background noise. As a result, the first time you select the “Save Video” option, Bard-O-Matic will request access to your device’s microphone.

What Information Do You Collect About Visitors to This Site?

We use a couple of common forms of web analytics to monitor traffic on this web site. While this information does not directly identify you, data gathered may include referring page, browser and system details, location, time and duration of visit. In some cases we may use cookies to save your language preferences and other session details. We use this information for general marketing purposes and to help prioritize localization efforts.

What information do you collect if I contact you for questions, comments, or support?

Depending on how you contact us, we might ask for a range of basic information to better describe the issue and contact you with a response (name, email, ip address, message content, phone number,..). Though we keep copies of user correspondence, we never share this data with others and will never post your personal information without first obtaining your permission.

How should I contact Tap Semiotic if I have questions about Bard-O-Matic, this site, or the information you collect?

Any questions, concerns, or comments you have regarding this site, Bard-O-Matic, or the above stated privacy policy should be addressed us using the form on our contact page.