Insults Feature

Millons of Insults

Bard-O-Matic includes a huge pool of source words in English and Old Gibberish yielding over 160 million unique insults. Try out different randomization methods to fine tune the absurdity.

Edit & Customize

Edit the insult text, change fonts, pick a name to make things personal, or chose from a variety of backdrops, outfits, and seasonal attire.

Save & Share

Bard-O-Matic makes it a breeze to share your insults as text, image (speech bubble or the full image), or video clip via Messages, Mail, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and many more.

Add Your Own Photos

Use the built-in picker to select a image from your camera roll or photo library. Replace the backdrop or remove the bard completely for insults with a personal touch.

Speech Synthesis

Bard-O-Matic makes use of speech synthesis available in iOS 7 to speak the insult at your chosen pace in one of a variety of accents.

Saved Queue

Bard-O-Matic keeps track of the last 40 insults in an easily accessible queue. Simply swipe left or right on the speech bubble to load the next or previous insult.

Bard-O-Matic Style Variants